Andretti Indoor Karting and Games (AIKG) is known for family fun entertainment and celebrations. But when CheckIt4Andretti (CI4A) announced their plans to help save lives by offering free colon cancer screening, AIKG raced in to help.

Eddie Hamman, one of the Managing Partner of AIKG, and John Andretti were great friends from the very beginning of AIKG. When Nancy Andretti, President of CI4A Charitable Foundation, began looking for ideas to help fund the Foundation, Eddie and fellow AIKG Managing Partners, Stan Manousos, and Ed Kennedy, came up with the “Round Up Campaign.”

AIKG locations began asking customers if they’d like to “round up’ their bill at the register. Customers were eager to honor John Andretti’s legacy while helping others in need. 

Eddie Hamman & John Andretti

Having Fun and Saving Lives!

AIKG gives customers an opportunity to celebrate good times and make memories with family and friends. By participating in the round up campaign, customers are also able to help save lives. Every penny raised from the round up campaign has been donated to CheckIt4Andretti Charitable Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to partner with doctors and free clinics to provide free colonoscopies to people who need a colonoscopy but can’t afford it.

A Winning Formula

So what happens when two great organizations team up? You get a winning formula, of course! Since starting the Round Up Campaign in January 2021, AIKG customers have donated $334,541.00. 

All 6 AIKG locations participate in the Round Up campaign. The donations from AIKG customers have helped directly with funding colonoscopies to patients. The effects of these donations are felt in the community. Recently, CI4A was recognized for its positive impact on the community. 

Fast Friends in the Fight Against Cancer

CI4A is grateful for all its donors as well as its medical and corporate partners. Without the support of so many doctors, nurses, volunteers and donors, CheckIt4Andretti wouldn’t be able to fulfill John Andretti’s wish to help those who might miss out on life-saving screening.

When asked about CI4A’s special relationship with AIKG, Nancy Andretti said:

Nancy & John Andretti

Join AIKG and Save Lives

If you live near an Andretti Indoor Karting location, go in for a good time. And ask to round up. If you can’t visit a Karting center, you can still help by donating. If you can’t donate, make sure to get your own colonoscopy if you’re due (over 45 years old.) And get a colonoscopy sooner  if you’re at risk. Check it for the people you love. #CheckIt4Andretti!


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