CheckIt4Andretti is proud to collaborate with Polymedco, the producer of OC-Auto FIT and a fellow partner in the mission to expand access to screening. By promoting yearly FIT, Polymedco is working to make screening more effective, accessible, and affordable.


Regular screening is important to make sure colon cancer is caught as early as possible.

Leading health organizations, including the US Preventive Services Task Force, American College of Gastroenterology, and US Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer, recommend screening with fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) every year.1-3

Polymedco and CheckIt4Andretti are working together to address the gaps in screening rates by increasing access to guideline-recommended solutions at little or no cost to patients. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of these effective screening methods that received a primary recommendation by leading experts.


What is OC-Auto FIT?

OC-Auto FIT is an at-home, noninvasive screening solution that looks for non-visible blood in the stool.

  • Performed at home
  • Screens every year, just as doctors would for breast or prostate cancer 
  • No preparation (fasting, laxatives, etc.) required

Why choose OC-Auto FIT?

OC-Auto FIT is the only FIT backed by proven clinical outcomes.4

OC-Auto FIT is the #1 automated noninvasive colon cancer screening solution in the world,5 with excellent performance characteristics in both sensitivity and specificity.Additionally, OC-Auto makes annual screening easier for its users, with a simple collection process that can be completed from the comfort and privacy of home.

OC-Auto FIT enables better health outcomes4

Evidence shows that screening with OC-Auto FIT leads to better outcomes, from increased screening rates to decreased mortality.4

One study of approximately 4 million health plan members evaluated the effects of regular screening with OC-Auto FIT and found significant impacts to screening rates, cancer rates, and number of deaths due to colon cancer.


INCREASE in colon cancer screening rates


DECREASE in annual rate of colon cancer


DECREASE in number of colon cancer deaths

OC-Auto FIT makes screening easy and accessible

By making annual screening as easy as possible, early detection can become a greater reality. That’s why OC-Auto FIT was designed to be patient-friendly, simple-to-use, and available at little or no cost.

90% of patients who used OC-Auto FIT said it was simple or very easy to use7

Screening at home: A simple 3-step collection process

Screening at home with OC-Auto FIT is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1 

  • Take the FIT from the privacy of your home
  • Fill out the label with the date and your information
  • Use the sampling wand to collect a small amount of sample
  • Seal sample container inside envelope

Step 2

  • Return your sample
  • Use the provided mailing envelope to return your kit through the US Postal Service OR return to your healthcare provider or the lab as instructed

Step 3

  • Receive results from your provider’s office
  • Your healthcare provider should contact you with your results within a couple of weeks.


With CheckIt4Andretti’s mission to expand screening access and Polymedco’s commitment to accessible, annual at-home screening with OC-Auto FIT, we are working together to ensure every American has access to effective, affordable screening options.

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